ARRAY is Canada’s most trusted medicinal cannabis and plant based medicine capsule provider.

ARRAY Capsules became available for compassionate access in 2014. Since day one we have prided ourselves on providing our family of patients and clients with courageous and affordable compassionate access to the medicines they choose to protect and heal themselves. From the start we employed the highest of standards, ensuring our products be purity and potency tested at Health Canada Labs. Testing also ensures that the dose you see on our bottles is absolutely what is in each capsule. Our ingredients are the best available in the World. At ARRAY, we make things better and it shows in every one of the products we sell.


Our founders were in increasing contact with cancer patients who needed a high quality, safe, simple, and affordable access to the cannabis they had chosen to treat themselves with. Aware of the celebreated effects of Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) when treating cancer and chemo symptoms, we began to precisely dose capsules with clean, solvent-free, Health Canada Lab Tested RSO at a variety of potencies to offer safer, more consistent and predictable cannabis capsule options.

A lot has changed since those early days but the struggle is still on. Even in today’s regulated market the price of cannabis and restrictions on potency make accessing the required daily doses used for treating cancer and chemo symptoms prohibitive. For example, patients who choose ARRAY are able to take up to 800mg of Health Canada Approved Lab Tested THC per day with a single 1ml syringe of RSO for under $50. That’s in stark contrast to the regulated market where the same dose would take at least 80 individual capsules and cost many hundreds of dollars.


Today we continue this work by making THC, CBD, CBG, CBN as well as other cannabinoids and plant based nootropic medicines available in safe, affordable doses. This now includes, Psilocybin, the psychoactive molecule found in “Magic Mushrooms”. Peer reviewed study after study is showing beyond doubt that Psilocybin is a highly effective treatment of many mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, ADHD and PTSD. In fact its being shown to be many many times more effective than synthetic pharmaceutical drugs.

Knowing that mental health is at crisis levels in our society we, once again, will take a stand for compassionate access and provide safe, affordable medicinal psilocybin to patients who have been struggling with a variety of mental health issues their whole lives so they can finally treat and heal themselves.

More research needs to be done and we look forward to developing our future products with the best information available. In the meantime we’ll let our over 5,000,000 caps lovingly made and sold speak for themselves.


Our founders T & K Francis believed that the success of a community could be measured by how they care for their most vulnerable. T & K didn’t just talk about these values, they embodied them. Most days, after many long hours of work in their lab, you could find them out on the streets of their community working to combat the ravages of hunger and homelessness.

ARRAY continues that work today through a continuous campaign of giving. ARRAY gives a percentage of its annual profits to help support the work of community organizations that reflect our values and those of our founders.

Causes that ARRAY is passionate about supporting include Hunger, Homelessness, Mental and Physical Health, Opiod Replacement and Academic Research of Cannabinoids and Psilocybin.

Contact us using the subject line “Make Things Better” to enquire about support from ARRAY.


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